Easy Ways to Clean an Electric Blender

An electric blender is not easy to clean the conventional way. The blades are pointed and razor sharp, and it consists of several parts. Food often ends up stuck beneath the blades. It takes a considerable amount of time to clean it all by hand. When an electric blender is used more than once a day, it is a chore to clean. I refuse to take mine apart and clean it piece by piece.

I recently changed my daily diet to include nutritional shakes. They are made with crushed ice, and I use an electric blender to mix and ingredients and crush the ice even finer. The beverage has the consistency of a real milkshake when prepared in the electric blender, and I would not want to drink it without crushed and blended ice. I had to find easy ways to clean my electric blender. If I had to take it apart and wash each component by hand, I probably would not continue drinking the shakes.

Use my easy methods to clean it, and save a lot of time and effort. An electric blender does not have to be taken completely apart. After using one of these options, it will be ready to use or store.

Precautionary Statement

Consult the instructions that came with the appliance before placing it in a dishwasher. Some do not recommend automatic washing, especially with very hot water. I clean my electric blender container and lid in a dishwasher. Even though it is almost 30 years old, it still looks great and works flawlessly. However, not all blenders are the same. Use commonsense, and proceed with caution before placing your electric blender in a dishwasher.

A Fast and Easy Way to Clean it By Hand

If you do not plan on running your dishwasher but need to clean your electric blender, do it the fast and easy way. Tighten the removable parts, and fill it halfway with hot tap water. Add a single drop of dishwashing liquid. Hold the lid securely in place, and turn it on for a minute or two. Rinse out the soapy water, and allow the electric blender to dry in a dish drainer or on a towel before putting the lid back in place. I use this simple cleaning method when I do not plan on running my dishwasher.

Do Not Take it Apart Before Putting it in the Dishwasher

When planning on running the dishwasher, add your electric blender. To make the process easy, do not take it apart. I do not take mine apart before using the dishwasher to clean it. The dishwasher spray will reach the same nooks and crannies as the food, and if it was rinsed before washing, it should come out clean every time.

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