The Best Measuring Cups Around Pyrex

While working in your kitchen you probably are like me and frequently use up all of your measuring cups quickly and need to purchase more because of the size of meals that you’re making.

I know that I have had to purchase some new measuring cups recently because mine either broke or I just ran out of measuring cups. The brand that I purchased though is of very good quality and they work wonderful for all of my needs and are very durable. The brand is none other than the Pyrex brand.

The first benefit that I found about using my Pyrex brand mixing cups is that they are very durable. I know that my husband is at times is very clumsy and can drop things. However, because the Pyrex mixing cups are so durable not a single one has broken. Granted the height that he has dropped them from hasn’t been that high, but still they didn’t chip or break.

The second benefit that I found while using my Pyrex mixing cups is that I am able to use them in my microwave without worrying about them melting. The downside is that I have to make sure to use a glove or some type of heat absorbing material to prevent me from burning my hand. This is a great thing when I am working on melting butter for my popcorn.

The third benefit that I found while using my Pyrex mixing cups is that they are very easy to clean. I know that with some of my measuring cups that are just round and do not have any shape at all they can be hard to clean.

However, with the curved bases of my Pyrex mixing cups I do not have to worry about the sides where the sides meet the bottom of the mixing cup. I know that this can be a challenge and I have to use my kid’s bottle brush to get them perfectly clean. I still use a bottle brush on my Pyrex mixing cups but it isn’t as hard cleaning them if I do not have the bottle brush.

While many brands of mixing cups are available I know of very few that I will buy and use other than the Pyrex brand. I know that my Pyrex mixing cups are one of the best purchases that I made for my houses kitchen. Without them I know that my husband would have broken at least one mixing cup, or broken the handle off of some of my other mixing cups when the weld gets weak.

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