How To Sharpen Scissors

Over time and through much use scissors lose their edge and become dull making them an ineffective cutting tool. Cutting through rough or dirty surfaces can hasten the dulling process. Keeping scissors, cleaned and sharpened will give you a number of years of use. Scissors are available in a wide range of price points – for good reason. Just like knives, the better the quality of the cutting blade – the better the scissors will perform. The old adage is true in this case – you get what you pay for.

Keep Scissors Sharp

There are many types of scissors ranging from paper cutting scissors to fabric scissors to embroidery scissors. Designate each type of scissor for the job it was intended to do. Don’t use your embroidery scissors to cut wrapping paper and don’t use your everyday, general scissors to cut fabric. Keeping the scissors task-specific as well as keeping the blade surface clean helps to extend the life of the scissors.

Scissor Sharpeners

Getting a new pair of scissors is great. The blades slice through paper, fabric, cardboard and more with ease. After several uses, it starts to become more difficult to cut with precision — your blades are getting dull. Rather than toss the scissors in the junk drawer or trash, sharpen your scissors. Just like your scissors – you get what you pay for in a scissor sharpener. There are many inexpensive sharpeners available, but truth be told – they simply don’t work well.

How to Remove Rust From Scisssors

Again, instinct may tell you that the scissors are destined for the trash pile — don’t do it! You can get rid of the rust and restore the scissors to a usable and sharp cutting tool.
A simple, yet effective way to remove rust from scissors is to lay the scissors in a pan large enough to accommodate them.

  • Pour white vinegar into the pan and soak the scissors overnight.
  • Scrub the scissors with a nylon scrubbing sponge and rinse well with water.
  • Dry the scissors thoroughly.
  • If the rust remains, use a commercially available rust remover.

Oh No! My Scissors Won’t Open & Close

Again, not a problem. Stuck or difficult to move scissors are both fairly common problems. The point at which the scissor blades are joined is called the fulcrum, dust and dirt accumulate inside the fulcrum making operation difficult. Adding a bit of lubricant will restore the motion to your scissors. Place a drop or two of the lubricant onto the screw. Open and close the scissors several times. With each successive opening and closing the action will get easier. If it is still not smooth enough — add another drop or two and repeat. Wipe the scissors well with a clean cloth to remove the excess oil, which may stain future projects.

Invest in Scissors

Scissors are such a useful common household tool that most of us don’t think about too much. It’s easier to pick up a pair of cheap scissors and throw them away once they’ve become dull. It maybe easier, but it’s certainly not cost effective. Remember your grandma’s scissors — she probably had them for ever and the reason is because firstly, there were no cheap scissors to buy and secondly, she wanted her money’s worth. Don’t you?

Left-Handed Scissors

Not everybody is a right handed! Those who are right handed have no idea how difficult, if not impossible it is to cut with scissors manufactured for right handed people. Thankfully, there are scissors specifically made for left handed people.

But, Can’t You Just Sharpen Scissors with Sandpaper?

Many people have heard you can sharpen scissors by cutting through rough sandpaper or thick layers of aluminum foil to sharpen scissors. Is it true? Partially true. Aluminum foil to sharpen scissors? This does not work to sharpen the scissors. Cutting through sandpaper? Cutting through sandpaper will only partially work, but the trade-off is you will put little nicks and notches in the scissors blades from the grit. In other words you will ruin your scissors. Use a sharpener for best results.

Fabric Scissors

Keep you fabric scissors as only for cutting fabrics because you will never get a smooth cut if your use them for paper or any other material. Make sure you wipe off any excess lubricant before cutting fabric because the oil will leave stains on the fabric.

Kitchen Scissors

The terms kitchen scissors and kitchen shears are used interchangeably in many instances. Razor sharp kitchen scissors are a must-have for any busy kitchen. Cutting through meat and tough bones can wear the blades down pretty fast. Keeping the blades clean and sharp will keep your kitchen scissors in good usable order for many years.

Craft Scissors

Many crafts call for small, intricate cuts. The only way to make theses cuts is to use sharp scissors. Dull scissor will leave behind ragged edges, which may just ruin your craft project.

Sharpening Stone and Sharpening Steel

A sharpening stone can be used for sharpening your dull scissors, but you must know how to use a stone correctly or you run the risk of damaging your scissor blades.

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