Apron with Built-In Pot Holders

Sure, pot holders come with those little loops so you can hang them up but who really wants to display their pot holders alongside their kitchen accents? They get used, scorched, burned – who wants that on their wall? Do away with the pot holder home accents and hide them with your apron. That is, make them into your apron and no one will ever see them.

You can easily make the pot holder apron if you start out with an apron and two square pot holders. All you have to do is sew them to the inside of the apron, at the bottom corners. Align one corner of the pot holder with the corner of the apron, pin it in place, and then sew around the pot holder. Do that to each corner and you’ll finish the apron.

If you prefer to make the apron and pot holders yourself it’s not hard to do. Although there are many different types of aprons you could make, some of them are more complicated than others. For a simplistic apron, measure from one hip, over to the other one, across the front of your body. Cut a piece of material to be that width. Measure from your waist to just above your knees, and cut the length to be that measurement. Hem the two sides and the bottom.

Cut a wide band – twice as wide as you want it to be. The length should be long enough to go across the width of the fabric, with several inches extra, at each end. Center the apron piece on the band and fold the band in half, trapping the top edge of the fabric between the two band pieces. Sew the two sides of the band, as well as the long side, opposite the fold.

Make two pot holders by cutting four pieces of fabric to be 7″x7″. You can make those pot holders larger or smaller, if you want. Cut a piece of batting for each pot holder. If you have an over-lock machine you can simply sew around the perimeter to finish each pot holder. If not, just sew binding around it. Position one pot holder in each bottom corner of the apron, on the back, then sew around each one. A different option is to create a glove pot holder-type set, and sew them on the front of the apron, in the bottom corners. Just slide your hands into this type of pot holder to grab a hot pan.

Having the pot holders right on your apron means they’re always handy, and out of sight from guests. Now all you have to do is put on your apron, which you were going to do anyway, right?

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