A Review of the Microplaner Grater/Zester

We all know how hard it can be to zest or grate food items if you’re using a tool that is not the proper one. I know that it would take me hours to grate and zest some of my food items before I purchased a Microplaner to use for all of my zesting needs. So I thought I would share my thoughts on the Microplane Grater/Zester and how nice it is to help benefit you by making it a lot easier to zest and grate.

Now the first positive that I found about using the Microplane Grater/Zester is that the item works exactly as it is described. I know that some products that I have purchased in the past for my kitchen didn’t work exactly like I thought they would have, but they did work from time to time. This item works great!

The second positive is that the zester portion doesn’t gouge the fruit while you’re zesting it. Instead it takes off just enough to allow you to have a usable portion and since it doesn’t really gouge the item you can eat the fruit afterwards if you want to. I know that one day I was getting some Orange zest and had enough of the orange leftover to share with my kids.

The third positive is that the grating portion seems to do a lot better job of grating my cheese versus my box cheese grater. I know that I still use my box grater a lot of times because typically the cheese that I am grating would take me hours using the Microplane, but if I am doing a smaller amount of cheese grating I will use the Microplane because it does seem to do a better job than the box grater.

The one big negative that I have found while using the Microplane grater/zester is that at times during the cleanup process my towel or washcloth can easily get snagged on the grater blades. Now this isn’t really that difficult while washing the Microplane because I use a bottle brush to wash it, but drying is nearly impossible without getting my towel snagged. So I typically have to dry from the underside as much as possible and then let it finish air drying.

If you are going to be doing any zest or grating for a large or small task then you will want a Microplane. I know that from experience that it works wonders and does an excellent job. The only downside is the cleanup of the zester because of the chance of your towels and washcloths getting snagged. Great product to use and own.

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