Product Review: Le Creuset Large Spatula Spoon & Pasta Spoon

The Le Creuset Large Spatula Spoon and Pasta Spoon make great companion tools to the Le Creuset French Oven or just a great kitchen utensil for any cooking. Along with the Le Creuset French Oven they tossed in a couple of spatula spoons and a pasta spoon that are great with the premium cookware.

Both utensils are made of silicone for the working end and a wooden handle that combine for a great kitchen utensil that protects your non stick and enameled cookware from scratches. The utensils are made of silicone rubber that takes up to 800° Fahrenheit for some great high resistance To the heat of cooking.

The heads are removable form the wooden handles but pull off with enough force that they will not accidentally slip off during use. This is one of the major concerns I have during cooking with my utensils as the cheaper silicone tools have this problem.

The handles are rounded from the end to about an inch and a half where they square off before entering the head of the utensil. The Large Spatula spoon is 11 1/2 inches long and the head is 3 1/4 by 2 1/2 inches for a good utensil for stirring and dishes up stews and casseroles.

The pasta spoon is 12 inches long and the head is 4 by 2 1/2 inches and 1 1/4 inches for the tines so you can really grab that pasta and spaghetti. The Pasta Spoon also makes a great utensil for other foods like cooked cabbage, larger vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower and asparagus.

Both utensils have a nice hole for hanging on the handle and the handles are unfinished so you should take care of them just like any other wooden cooking tools. The silicone parts are dishwasher safe but the handles should be hand washed as well as treated with some oil before use just as a wooden cutting board is.

A simple wiping of oil like food grade mineral oil will keep the utensil handles in perfect condition for years to come. After repeated use you may want to wipe some more oil on your wooden utensils to protect them because the washing and use will eventually remove the oil.

The silicone and wooden handle make for a great combination as the tool will not scratch or harm enameled or non stick surfaces like some plastic handles may. The tools work extremely well and are a great companion to the Le Creuset French Oven.

The Spatula Spoon and the Pasta Spoon are flexible to have enough give so that you don’t scratch or mar non stick and enameled surfaces yet sturdy enough to be useful. The Pasta Spoon in the tine area is sturdy enough to be able to pick up and stir cooking spaghetti so you can use the utensil like it was intended and not need a plastic one.

Both the Large Spatula Spoon and the Pasta Spoon costs about $12 and can be found from many online retailers and kitchen specialty shops. I highly recommend these kitchen utensils from Le Creuset, just add on a couple when you’re ordering your enameled Le Creuset French Oven.

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