Product Review: Oster Fusion Blender

The Oster Fusion is a glass 6 cup blender with reverse function and preprogrammed as well as three manual speeds using the multifunction six point blade. The Oster Fusion is a unique blender with its 600 watt motor but high performance design with its reverse function and 6 point blade.

If you’re looking for a blender you have the lower cost blenders under 100 dollars or the much more expensive professional bar blenders that cost $200 and more. The Oster Fusion is the perfect mix of a lower cost blender but that can crush and chop up ice and work as a food processor but under that $100 price tag.

The Fusion blender can crush, chop and make those great drinks from solid ice cubes and still do things like chop onions and tomatoes for salsa. The Fusion has simple and easy to use controls without too many settings, it has just the right amount of manual and programmed settings for quick and easy use.

A blender that can do both food processing and blending is the best of both small appliances in one and the Fusion has a few features that may surprise you. The Oster Fusion also reverses in direction when using the preprogrammed settings to help chop and crush at low and high speeds.

You have two directions for the blender controlled by the front push button controls with two preprogrammed settings and 5 other manual settings. Three of the manual settings are low or stir, medium and max or ice crush that have the blade rotating in the normal direction until your press the stop button.

The other two manual settings are max pulse and low pulse that has the blade spinning on the speed you choose only when your holding the button. The two programmed settings are unique and combine the reverse direction for maximum chop and clearing the blades of possibly stuck items.

The Food Chop setting will have the blade going at low 17 times forward and 17 times reverse alternately during the minute long cycle. The Frozen Drink and Shake setting has the motor spin forward then reverse a couple of times on low then high and then for about 15 seconds on full max for great ice crushing full speed blending.

The Food Chop program works great for chopping food and stirring and mixing ingredients like pancakes or cheesecakes and of course, salsa. I don’t have the salsa down pat yet for a fantastic recipe but my family does like my current tries and fresh salsa on salmon is a new favorite.

The high frozen drink setting works great for those full ice cubes and making drinks like frappes and frozen drinks as well as smoothies. The Fusion does a great job of taking full cubes of ice and chopping and grinding them down to the perfect drink consistency for a frozen drink or smoothie.

The reverse action of the blade means no stuck blades and six blades mean more cutting and chopping of whatever goes into your blender. The reverse action also means no jamming of the blades while using the preprogrammed settings to chop and cut up ice cubes.

The chop setting works great on onions and things like tomatoes because it allows for a quick cut and then back to take another cut a second later. The Oster Fusion has all the settings you need to chop and process foods like salsa, blend and stir things like batters and sauces and move onto frozen drinks easily with the same appliance.

The Fusion does a great job of chopping and blending full ice cubes, not those smaller ones but inch square ones easily and quickly. I have had the Oster Fusion for a couple of months and had no problem making frozen drinks and smoothies from frozen fruit and the ice cubes straight from my freezer.

Using the Fusion for those smoothies and my personal favorite frappe’s worked very well and over the couple of months we have made a lot of them. With the recent release of the McDonald’s frappe my family has found another coffee based drink that we love but the cost at the fast food joint is just not worth it.

Making a frappe at home was very easy and getting the recipe just how we like it has been pretty easy with some good cold espresso, milk, caramel and ice. The Fusion gets all the cubes into the tiny ice particles using the Frozen Drink setting and does not leave any chucks at all like some other blenders do.

The Oster Fusion container and base is the same thread and general size as other Oster blenders so containers, those rubber rings and cups that work with other Oster blenders work with the Fusion. I purchased an Oster Blend-N-Go cup and it worked just fine on the base and with the 6 point blades of the Fusion even for those full ice cube blender drinks.

I found the Fusion made a great blender for frozen drinks and smoothies but also worked great for salsa and as a food processor for guacamole and spaghetti sauce. The Fusion really does make a great blender and food processor for chopping food up using the unique reverse action.

You will not find a better blender for the low cost the Fusion goes for, about $80 currently, and a fantastic blender for both frozen drinks and food processing. I highly recommend the Oster Fusion for a fantastic blender with great features at a really good price.

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