Measuring Spoon and Cup Organizer

Imagine all of the room that you’re going to have in your kitchen drawers when you take out the measuring cups and spoons, as well as certain other implements. Won’t that be freedom of sorts? No more digging through that messy drawer, only to find every measuring spoon except the one you need.

Never will you have to search through cups, glasses, and other dishes, just to find a particular measuring cup. Yes, it’s going to be fantastic. Now, all you have to do is make the organizer that will help you get measuring implements neat and tidy – and out of that drawer. Don’t panic; you won’t spend all day building something fancy that you really don’t need. Simply use a couple of paint sticks and your kitchen will get a small but much-needed upgrade.

Paint sticks are free when you pick them up at a home improvement store. They’re also sold online for a few pennies, each. The sticks are usually unfinished and it’s up to you if you paint them or not. Since they’ll go inside a cabinet door, or in another discreet place, it’s not absolutely mandatory that you paint them.

Glue or screw the paint sticks on the inside of a chosen door. It could be a cabinet door, or a pantry door, or another. Position one paint stick horizontally and glue or otherwise affix it to the door. Go up several inches from that paint stick and install another. Lay it horizontally, too, and glue or screw it to the inside of the door.

Use small cup hooks to hold the measuring implements. Screw a few of them in, from one side of the paint stick to the other, spacing them evenly apart. You might want to use smaller hooks for the measuring spoons than the measuring cups. Use one paint stick to hold the spoons, and one to hold the cups. Instead of metal cup hooks you can also use peel-n-stick types. They let you get the organizers done even faster.

The paint stick organizer can help you with other kitchen utensils, too. Hang meat forks, spatulas, pizza cutters, and other things. Many kitchen implements have a hole for putting a cord through so that the items can be hung in storage. Are you back from the home improvement store yet? Great; you’ll have your new organizers in minutes!

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