Lemon Juice Can Clean Sinks, Cheese Graters, and Chopping Blocks

Lemon juice is a good cleaning compound. A lemon has a powerful acid in it that can make life for bacteria difficult. A lemon contains the strongest acid in it then any other food and that acid is a powerful cleaner that freshen and sanitizes as it cleans. Lemons have a very pleasant fresh scent that makes them desirable as a cleaner. When something is cleaned with lemon juice it smells very nice.

A chopping block can be cleaned with some lemon juice. Just take a slice of lemon and rub the chopping blocks surface. Chopping blocks can be pretty dirty and they can be hard to clean but a little lemon can go a long way when cleaning the surface of a chopping block. Cutting boards can also benefit from a cleaning with some lemon juice. Just clean them the same way.

Stainless steel sinks can get dull and collect water deposits but when you clean your sink with some lemon you can brighten it up nicely. Just take a lemon and cut it in half and rub it all over the sink. Then just rinse it with water. You can repeat the process if it is still dirty.

Has you cheese grater ever needed to be cleaned? If you use the grater it probably needed to be cleaned. You can take a lemon wedge and rub both sides on the grater with the pulp side of the lemon then rinse it with clean water afterwards

Lemon can brighten up your whites in the laundry. When you are washing a load of whites just take a half cup of lemon juice and add it to the wash cycle. Lemon juice not only brightens whites it helps make them smell fresh and clean.

Copper can be cleaned with lemon. When copper gets dirty looking and dull you can try taking lemon to clean it up. cut a lemon in half and dip the pulp side of the lemon in some salt. Then rub the copper with the salted side of the lemon. Lemon and salt together cleans copper to a brilliant shine. Wash and dry the copper afterwards.

Lemon can remove the stains left on plastic kitchen wear like storage containers. To remove the stains on plastic squeeze some lemon juice onto the dirty surface and let it sit for twenty minutes. Then rinse the plastic with water. If the plastic is still stained repeat the process until the plastic is clean.

Lemon juice is a great cleaner that smells wonderful and even kills bacteria.

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