Norpro Revolving Cheese Grater Review

I’ve gotten tired of using my old cheese grater (I have the old fashioned metal kind that can skin your fingers if you aren’t careful) so I decided to look around for a new one. A friend of mine recommended that I check out the Norpro Revolving Cheese Grater since she has one of her own. She talked pretty highly of it and that was more than enough reason for me to put in an order.

The Norpro Revolving Cheese Grater arrived a day earlier than scheduled (talk about prompt delivery) and since then, I’ve put it to some heavy use. I’ve used the grater to grind both soft and hard cheese, ginger (I also cook a lot of Thai and Chinese cuisine), and some hard dark chocolate (quick and easy chocolate fondue). So far, I can say that the Norpro Revolving Cheese Grater grinds perfectly. It requires minimum effort, which is great for me because my old grater was giving my biceps a work-out.

I appreciate the Norpro Revolving Cheese Grater’s ergonomic design because when I am grating a lot of parmesan cheese (I have guests often and when I serve pasta, I like providing bowls of parmesan on the side), my hand sometimes cramps up with my old grater.

The Norpro is also safe because it is designed to keep my fingers away from the two sets of blades. No more skinned fingers for me! Now, that makes the Norpro Revolving Cheese Grater a great investment.

Please don’t make the mistake of putting the Norpro Revolving Cheese Grater in the dishwasher. Unfortunately, a lot of people automatically assume that everything is dishwasher safe. This isn’t the case for this cheese grater. You need to wash it by hand. However, don’t despair about it. It is easy to clean and it doesn’t clog up (like my old grater).

As much as I want to comment on the durability of the Norpro Revolving Cheese Grater, I haven’t used it for that long to be entirely sure. But my friend has had her grater for seven months and she has had no complaints. The material also seems sturdy and durable.

Over-all, I am very happy with my Norpro Revolving Cheese Grater. I would definitely recommend this product to all home and weekend chefs out there, especially those who are still using those old, dangerous graters. This has definitely made cooking Italian meals a more enjoyable experience. Life in the kitchen has become much easier for me.

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