Plastic Containers – Positives and Negatives

You know how it is when you are using plastic containers they seem to get greasy or get cuts or scratches on the inside of them. If you’re like me you will keep using them until they warp or you’re no longer able to put the lid on them.

Also if you’re like me you put them in the microwave all the time and use them to heat up your food. However, I know that using the plastic containers does have some positives and also has some negatives.

The first positive of using the plastic containers is that they are easy to use. So being able to use them is a nice thing because you know that all you have to do is put them food in the container and put the lid on it and your food is ready. So they are very easy to use in that regard.

The second positive of using the plastic containers for food storage is that they are very durable. I know for mine I am able to place them in the freezer and then take them out of the freezer and be able to wash them out and reuse them after I clean them.

The first negative that I have found with using some of the plastic storage containers is that they can get scratched very easily. Then once they are scratched the food that I have inside can get stuck inside of the scratches and not come out which could lead to some bacteria growing on that food.

The second negative that I have with some of my plastic containers is that even though they say that they are microwave safe they can warp and become very flexible when I am heating my food up. So that could lead to me spilling whatever I am heating up and making a huge mess.

The third negative is that if you put a greasy item in them and store that item in them for any period of time you will notice that a greasy film will still remain on the plastic containers. I know that my broth storage containers still have the greasy appearance on them even though I have washed them multiple times.

While plastic containers are nice to use they do have some negatives related to them. So you will want to weigh your options of using the plastic containers versus glass storage containers. I do know that the glass storage containers have fewer negatives, but are quite a bit more expensive because you do not need to replace them as often.

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