RSVP Ann Marie’s Brownie Spatula

Unfortunately, I have a sweet tooth. Although I am on a diet, I still make sweets for the kids from time to time (no reason for them to be deprived, right?). Cake is messy, so my dessert of choice is often a pan of brownies. I have a special brownie pan that works great for baking brownies, it has lower sides and is the perfect size for a box of brownie mix. I also have a special brownie spatula, and I love this tool, it works so much better than a standard spatula.

The RSVP Ann Marie’s Brownie Spatula is a classic looking kitchen tool. It measures 8 1/2 inches long, and the complete spatula (handle and all) is made from stainless steel.

The spatula portion has three slotted holes along the base, and the handle is nice and thick so it’s comfortable in the hand. The handle is hollow, which keeps the RSVP Ann Marie’s Brownie Spatula light weight.

I have seen brownie spatulas made with wooden handles, but I really don’t like to put wooden utensils into my dishwasher, so the stainless steel surface on the RSVP Ann Marie’s Brownie Spatula makes it perfect to maintain its nice shine and elegant appearance. There are also no rivets to deal with, which are so prominant in wooden handled pieces.

The spatula is much narrower than a standard spatula, and when my pan of brownies has cooled, it works perfectly for cutting and serving up the brownies. The angle of the RSVP Ann Marie’s Brownie Spatula allows me to get into the pan easily, even along the outside edges (which are always the toughest to remove). The blade is only a couple inches wide, so I can remove just one brownie at a time, and this is not really possible when using a standard sized spatula.

This brownie spatula is dishwasher safe, and comes out looking as good as when it went in. I have not had any water spots on the shiny surface, but we do have a water softener which greatly reduces the chances of this happening.

RSVP Ann Marie’s Brownie Spatula is a good bargain, it retails for only $5.99, and is available at online stores. The size is perfect for serving up a brownie, a piece of cake, a measure of cobbler, or many other types of desserts. It is definitely a tool that is worth buying, and is a great addition to my kitchen supplies.

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