Craft Room Soup Ladles

While you’re organizing your craft room, and you’re putting things in boxes, bins, and bags, you can start grouping small things together. That way, you can quickly throw them into the chosen organizers as you clean up areas of your craft room. There are many different containers that a person can use for storing tiny things, like sewing bobbins, clothes pins, or beads. Choose from tiny tins, cardboard boxes, envelopes, or plastic containers. Or, go get some spoons. Ladles and spoons make useful organizers for small things in your craft room.

Ladles can be plastic, ceramic, or even metal, but most of them already have holes for hanging them. All you have to do is put a nail, screw, or cup hook, into the wall. Hang each ladle on one and you’ve got organizers for many small craft items.

Most spoons don’t have holes for hanging them so you’ll have to do a little something different with them. Soup spoons, with more bowl-like, concave areas, are perfect, but you can also use any large spoons. To turn spoons into organizers they must be made of metal.

For some people, creating a hole in the handle of the spoon is easiest to do before putting the spoon on the wall. Drill a hole through the handle, near the end, and it will be ready to hang. Hold the spoon up to the wall so that the bowl is facing the wall and the spoon handle is facing downward. Run a screw through the hole and into the wall. Make sure that the spoon is affixed tightly.

Bend the bowl end of the spoon down so that you “fold” the handle, right above the screw. Bend it all the way down so that the spoon rests against the wall, and the bowl of the spoon faces outwards. Then, bend just the bowl of the spoon up so that it forms an area where you can place small items.

In the craft room, ladles and spoons can hold buttons, beads, spools, tacks, rhinestones, bobbins, thimbles, and so much more. In a bedroom, the spoons can hold anything from jewelry to loose change. Hang just one large ladle or make a row of them. Attach spoons alongside them or create your own arrangement. You’ll appreciate how cute they look and how useful they are.

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