Use Kitchen Shears in Place of a Knife

Kitchen shears can make life a lot easier in the kitchen – they can do a lot of things a knife can do, only more easily and safely.  Try out these suggestions and see your kitchen chores revolutionized!


  1. Purchase a good pair of kitchen shears.  Try department stores, box stores, kitchenware specialists.
  2. Put the shears in the kitchen in an easily accessible place.  A knife block hole is usually a great place as they can be retrieved quickly and they won’t be made blunt by sitting in the block.
  3. Use the shears in place of a knife for the following:
  • Snipping fresh herbs such as chives, basil, parsley
  • Chopping up whole tomatoes from a can – a big money-saver and you get the tomatoes chopped in no time
  • Cutting pizza wedges or between slices of a baked product
  • Snipping off the tops of all those pesky packages, ties around noodles/bread  & cutting open uncooperative packaging
  • Trimming phyllo (fillo) pastry, sushi wrapping etc
  • Cutting slices of ginger or garlic pieces
  • Cutting cheese cubes
  • Cutting fresh pasta, especially between rows of ravioli or for shortening spaghetti lengths
  • Cutting slices of meat into small cubes

4. Wash the shears after use in hot, soapy water and return to their storage spot for fast retrieval


  • To avoid the temptation of using the kitchen shears for cutting paper or any other household object beyond kitchen preparation, it is helpful to place a second pair of scissors in an accessible location that will stop other household members from using the kitchen pair.
  • You’ll come up with other ways to use the kitchen shears; once you have them handy, they become indispensable.


  • Take care when using shears to keep fingers away from the blades.

Things You’ll Need

  • Kitchen shears
  • Storage spot for scissors that is easy to access near cooking area


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