Battery operated can openers

Fortunately, Texas has not been hit (at this point) by a hurricane. But we have had some strong thunderstorms that knocked out the power, and I had the opportunity to put my OneTouch Can Opener to work. It is so easy to use!! I am glad this has been added to my hurricane readiness kit.

Each year as hurricane season approaches, I have learned to prepare. Every year, after the hurricane has passed, I become aware of another “essential” item that can make life without power a little easier. I have yet to find the One Touch Can Opener on a list of recommended hurricane supplies.

However, having survived Hurricane Ike, without electricity and the convenience of an electric can opener, I was determined to have a battery operated can opener ready for the upcoming hurricane season. My research led me to the One Touch Can Opener.

Of course, there are other cordless can openers available. I have found the perfect solution in the One Touch Can Opener. It uses two AA batteries and with the power of two batteries, this wonderful kitchen helper can open 100 cans. It will open cans of all sizes. If you have ever opened a large coffee can with the old hand powered opener, you can appreciate the importance of this little gadget. The One Touch Can Opener cuts from the side to eliminate sharp edges which makes it safe for helpful children.

The magnet on the underside easily lifts the lid from the can without a mess. It is reasonably price and, most important of all, it works! Campers also love the One Touch Can Opener and it has become part of the necessary camping gear for many.

The new design of the One Touch Can Opener has been improved with the battery compartment on the side. This provides access to the batteries in the event they fail during the cutting process. Simply open the compartment, replace the batteries and finish cutting.

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