Breville Ikon Hemisphere Blender, Where Have You Been All My Life?

If you’re one of the millions of people who find their kitchen crowded with several different appliances, the Breville Ikon Hemisphere Blender is just what you need. With this blender you can get rid of your chopper, snow cone maker, smoothie maker and your ordinary blender. There is no blender quite like the Breville Ikon Hemisphere. With its great price, multiple functions and easily cleaned jar- this will quickly replace your old blender and like all other Breville Blender owners, you’ll be wondering where this blender has been all your life!

Breville Ikon Hemisphere Blenders can be found at most well-known appliance stores. Your best bet is to check out your local Best Buy store, as they offer a great price and it is relatively easy to find these stores all around the country. Prices vary, depending on which store you purchase this blender from.

Most stores have prices that range anywhere from $149.99 to $200. You can also find the Breville Blender at a lot of online stores for a cheap price, however, keep in mind that when the shipping and handling fees are added into the total price you may be better off looking in a local store as you will probably end up paying the same amount or more in the end. This may seem like an expensive blender, but consider how much money you spend on separate mediocre appliances such as your chopper, smoothie maker, snow cone maker and your previous blender. When you add it all up, it is truly a great deal and this blender will put all of those other appliances to shame.

The Breville Ikon Hemisphere Blender has numerous features that make it truly unique. First of all, the design of the blender is genius. It is very sleek, heavy-duty blender made of stainless steel. You can tell just by looking at the Breville Ikon Hemisphere, that it is not your average, basic blender. This blender has a truly powerful motor which blends anything you can imagine to perfection, each and every time.

The blades are sharp and strong so you can pour all ingredients in at once instead of waiting until each ingredient is semi-blended and then adding another. It can hold up to 54oz in it’s heat-resistant glass jar so no need to make several batches in this blender. The Ikon Hemisphere has five different blending speeds to ensure that you blend whatever you desire at just the right speed to make it customized to your taste.

A built-in timer on the base of the blender allows you to either count up or down, whichever you prefer. Also, there are wide blades at the bottom to make sure that no food or ice gets trapped down below. There is a pulsing option, and three different ice crushing features if you wish to crush or chop your ice. Breville Ikon Hemisphere Blenders have the capability to turn ice into snow! You can create perfect snow cones in just a matter of minutes.

As if all of that isn’t a miracle in itself, the blender jar and the blades are both dishwasher safe. This will make blending, chopping, snow cone or smoothie making so much simpler!

Owners of Breville Ikon Hemisphere Blenders know good blenders! This is by far one of the best blenders out there. It is great for everyday use and you won’t have worry about having the motor burn out if you do so. For those that frequently use choppers, blenders, ice crushers, smoothie or snow cone makers this is a great investment. You will wonder how you didn’t discover this amazing blender sooner!

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