Betty Crocker Mini-Blender Product Review

I had never seen such a thing as a miniature blender until a recent trip to my local Meijer store. The box advertised that the appliance was perfect for blending individual servings and drinks, was easy to clean, and worked quickly and efficiently. The display contained blenders in several different colors, red, orange, green, blue, black, and white, so it seemed that just about anyone could find one to match their kitchen’s d├ęcor. The blender was priced right, on sale for only $9.99, so I selected a black model and put it in my shopping cart.

My blender sat in its box on my kitchen counter for about a week before I had the opportunity to open and try it. It was already mostly assembled, right out of the box. The base was small and took up very little room on my counter. I ran warm water inside the glass part and wiped it to remove the slight dusting of packing residue, then was ready to begin using my new miniature appliance.

According to the directions, the Betty Crocker Mini Blender has a small motor that is not very powerful and not designed for crushing ice or other hard or tough objects. This was fine by me, since my intention was to use it primarily for making fruit smoothies. I put into the glass bowl frozen yogurt, a little bit of skim milk, blueberries, and peaches that I had chopped into small pieces. I then put on the lid and pressed the power button. The Betty Crocker Mini Blender has only one setting; there is no confusion about which setting to use to blend your drink.

I had to “pulse” the blender, pressing and releasing the power button, several times to blend my smoothie completely. This, according to the owner’s manual, gives the non-liquid ingredients a chance to settle to the bottom for easier blending. In just about one minute, my smoothie was perfectly blended. I poured it into a glass and tasted it. It was just as delicious as any smoothie bought from a store! The mini blender made just the perfect amount for a single serving, about sixteen ounces.

Cleanup was extremely easy. I simply removed the glass bowl from its base and washed it and the lid in the sink immediately after use. The blades in the bottom of the unit are small enough that they did not interfere with washing and did not pose a great deal of danger.

I would definitely recommend the Betty Crocker Mini Blender to anyone who uses a blender for small amounts of food or single serving drinks. It has proven to be extremely affordable, easy to use, and easy to clean. It has been a perfect addition to my kitchen!

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